Safety Vision to Equip TRIMET Transit Fleets with cutting-edge technology

Press Release from Safety Vision

Safety Vision, LLC., a leader in innovative mobile video surveillance, was recently selected to provide an open platform solution for new TriMet bus builds. Fairly new to open source technology, Safety Vision’s suite of compatible products, such as the RoadRecorder Series of Network Video Recorder’s (NVR), was developed in 2017 and allows TriMet to unify and scale their surveillance systems. Though the decision to move forward with Safety Vision was recent, their relationship with TriMet dates back to 2000.

      The fifteen-year relationship came to an end in 2015, when TriMet decided to pursue open architecture technology, which had not yet been developed by Safety Vision.   In a typical proprietary system, users are limited to the provider’s services and product line. Meaning the supplier’s recorders must be used in conjunction with their own video management system and third - party integrations are either limited or not offered. However, open architecture allows users to integrate their surveillance system with other hardware and software providers ; enabling them to incorporate unlimited features and enhancements to their system. Thus, eager to get ahead of the game and prevent similar situations from happening, Safety Vision, through its own development and partnering with software manufacturers, diligently worked towards adding open platform solutions that surpass competitors in functionality, scalability, and affordability. So when TriMet’s incumbent provider vacated the mass transit market, Safety Vision took the opportunity to showcase TriMet their new capabilities in hopes of reestablishing the relationship – and they succeeded.

     Beginning in October 2020, Safety Vision will start to outfit their RoadRecorder Series of NVRs, and other open source products, to a 70+ fleet of buses manufactured by GILLIG and NOVA for TriMet. On track to be completed by the fall of 2021, the open platform technology enables TriMet to maintain a comprehensive view of their operations and enhance their practices and procedures. Further, it is a strong foundation for building a lasting relationship between Safety Vision and TriMet: “We are happy to provide a reliable and expandable suite of open platform onboard video solutions for them, and we’re equally excited and thankful for the opportunity to work with them again,” said Justin Lindbloom, Safety Vision Account Executive.

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