DeTekion Security Systems, Inc.

200 Plaza Drive
Vestal, NY 13850-2141

About DeTekion Security Systems, Inc.

DeTek is a world leader in outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). Our line of PIDS include: The VTW Electronic Taut Wire Fence System provides a very high Probability of Detection (POD) while operating with very low Nuisance Alarm Rates (NAR) and very low False Alarm Rates (FAR); The Sensor Coil Detection System is a PIDS with a very high deterrence factor and a formidable physical barrier, The FiberGuard Fence Sensor & FiberGuard Net PIDS incorporate fiber optic technology and are immune to EMI and RFI. The FiberGuard Net can also be installed in water. The Defensor Sensor Cable can be installed on a variety of fences. The ElectroGuard Lethal and Non-Lethal Electrified Fence can operate in several modes including Lethal, Non Lethal and in a mode that automatically changes from Non Lethal to Lethal. the Wave-Guard RF Buried Intrusion Detection System is an unobtrusive PIDS and can operate in a variety of ground conditions w/o regard to existing utilities and conditions.

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