Powerful and Intelligent Solar Lighting Bollards Available to Wider Market

Press Release from Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Manufacturer offers reduced pricing on its cutting-edge, solar-powered lighting bollards after exceptionally-efficient, initial production run. New prices will make it even easier to employ the intelligent Energy Management System technology in an increased number of applications.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America's premier supplier of bollards, custom castings and bike racks, today, announced a substantial price reduction to its industry-leading line of intelligent and predictive, solar-powered lighting bollards. The announced price decrease will mean that the lighting bollards, which already present the potential for energy cost savings, will now make even greater economic sense to both businesses and municipalities.

"We are happy to announce that Reliance experienced unexpected savings during the initial production run of our solar-powered lighting bollards," says Brad Done, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Reliance Foundry, "so we want to pass the savings on to our customers and promote the use of this intelligent and extremely efficient technology."

Reliance Foundry's solar-powered lighting bollards feature an intelligent Energy Management System (EMS) that makes them completely different than all competitive solar lighting systems. The EMS includes a microcontroller that actually tracks and adapts to changing weather patterns, providing the exact amount of light required for each unique application. The EMS can even accommodate less than ideal conditions like partial shading. The EMS means that, with Reliance Foundry's solar lighting bollards, energy is metered and used efficiently to ensure delivery of a consistent lighting output. With a typical lumen output of 130, Lighting Bollards by Reliance Foundry are the industry leader. The high level of luminous flux provided by these lighting bollards allows them to be used in many safety and security applications, unlike most competitive solar-powered lighting bollards. They are also extremely durable. Reliance Foundry's solar bollards feature the proven strength of Reliance Foundry's standard bollards and an innovative technology that offers the same level of resiliency. The lighting fixture is composed of cast aluminum with polycarbonate encapsulated solar module, and has undergone rigorous testing to demonstrate its vandalism and weather resistance.

"Our solar-powered lighting bollards are the most durable and efficient solar lighting system that I've encountered," says Len Cranmore, Product Specialist at Reliance Foundry. "As with any solar lighting system, installing them will spell out energy cost savings in most applications and their cost reduction means that the savings may even be greater."

Reliance Foundry's Solar-powered Lighting Bollards offer the same sustainable advantages of all solar lighting sources but they can also be ordered pre-programmed with one of five different lighting schedules. The five scheduling options allow the bollard to provide light efficiently, as opposed to the "on at dusk, off at dawn" delivery of competitive solar-powered lighting bollards. Reliance Foundry's Solar-Powered Lighting Bollards feature metal components and a polycarbonate solar module that are fully recyclable. As with all solar-powered lighting systems, they do not consume electricity or emit carbon and their pure lead battery can be recycled.

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