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Zone Trigger

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2512 Lyall St
Montreal, QC H1N3G6
About Zone Trigger
  • Omega Unfold is a Canadian R&D software company specialized in PC based end-user applications.

    We build software that connects cameras and microphones to computers to make them aware of their surrounding in such a way that is useful for the common person.
Competitors of Zone Trigger
  • Triton Networking Technology Pty Ltd

    Established in 2019, the company is fueled by a deep sense of professional pride and sets the standard in multiple ways: Triton only partners with proven quality brands, shares its theoretically robust skill set and hard-earned practical experience with its clients and provides strong technical...
  • GWACS Armory LLC

    GWACS Defense, Inc (GDI) the Developer and Manufacturer of the life saving Premier gunshot and other acoustic detection and Location Systems designed for urban and complex acoustic environments.
  • Shooter Detection Systems

    As the security industry’s leading provider of gunshot detection technology, Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) is focused on saving lives through the use of proven, military-grade technology designed by the world’s foremost scientists. Developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research...