Bac Tactical

1802 South 30 West,
Washington, UT 84780

About Bac Tactical

BAC Tactical specializes in lightweight and thin bullet & stab resistant vests certified to the highest standards in soft body armor. We also provide bite resistant arm guards to teachers and educational assistants who deal with children with special needs who bite and scratch. In addition we have anti-spit masks for security personnel who deal with detainees who spit at them.

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Products by Bac Tactical

By Bac Tactical

The Vector affordable Security Bullet Resistant Vest offers NIJ Level II protection while on duty. The outer carrier is durable and water resistant while fully adjustable to your individual needs for comfort. This vest comes with two front pockets to store pens, note pad, tools of the trade so... Read more »

By Bac Tactical

The REPULS® Chemical Irritant for Self Protection/Self Defence is a newly developed spray designed to replace existing pepper spray (OC/CS). Confront and control your assailant, suspect or prisoner with an overwhelming non-lethal spray using the REPULS® hand-held units. All units include... Read more »

By Bac Tactical

Anti-Spit Mask USA Pro is now available in the USA through BAC Tactical and is currently in use in several states. This product effectively helps to protect police officers, paramedics, correctional officers, as well as custom & border security officers and security personnel operating in... Read more »

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