PM Power Products Announces Partnership with CMS

Press Release from PM Power Products, LLC

PM Power Products Announces Partnership with CMS

PM Power Products LLC announces a new partnership with wholesale monitoring company Criticom Monitoring Service to provide real time e911 notification from the award winning StaffAlerter Command and Control System.

One of the greatest challenges for remote notification and monitoring systems is the ability to provide notification directly to emergency services such as e911 while at the same time providing notification to internal staff or initiating additional events in response to a system notification.

With StaffAlerter, the press of a button on the Personal Alerting Device or the initiation of an event based on user inputs using the web or phone, such as door lockdowns, or event triggers based on relay inputs such as water detection or commercial refrigeration failure, can send notifications to persons or groups using text, email or voice call (or all) based on notification profiles. With the addition of the Criticom Monitoring Service call center to the notification profile, a live operator will be able to receive in real time notification of the event as well as a description of the alert being received. The CMS agent will be able to respond to the originating organization to verify the event and contact the appropriate emergency services in response to the alert.

The StaffAlerter dashboard is used to program, monitor and initiate events and notifications as well as maintain log files of all events. 

Based in Dublin, Ohio, PM Power Products, LLC provides products that enhance the ability of dealers and integrators to expand and complete sales opportunities and implementation projects. Using our many years in the installation side of the business we have taken our knowledge and applied it to creative product development and innovative product solutions for the SMBE market.

PM Power Products designs and manufactures the StaffAlerter line of products. StaffAlerter provides solutions for monitoring and controlling of relay activated devices, messaging and alerting for staff through multiple communication means, and emergency response in critical situations. StaffAlerter products are made in the USA.

Since 1978, CMS has been providing high quality monitoring nationwide. Today, Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) is the largest wholesale alarm monitoring company in the United States, serving more than 3,500 alarm companies and their 800,000 customers. Our broad range of monitoring services includes response to security, fire, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), environmental and interactive services such as two-way voice and remote video.

Our three UL Listed, FM Approved monitoring centers, located in California, Florida and New Jersey, are networked together to provide true national redundancy and best-in-class disaster recovery. Click here to learn more.

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