Improve Indoor Air Quality - Return Your Environment to a Natural State

Press Release from Jackson Control

Join Jackson Control Wednesday, February 24th for an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Lunch & Learn!

Poor indoor air quality has been a problem for years. COVID-19 is not a black swan event for buildings, it is only accelerating the inevitable. The need to improve indoor air quality in our buildings.

Indoor air quality is influenced by factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, VOCs, odors, allergens, and viruses. Comfort levels inside your building impact occupant health, satisfaction, and productivity. The time is now to return your indoor environment to a natural state. 

During the Lunch & Learn we'll discuss: 

  • Sources of  IAQ  Contaminants
  • Health & Economic Benefits of Improving  IAQ  
  • Technology to Improve  IAQ
  • Lessons  Learn ed & Best Practices for  IAQ

Registration IAQ Lunch & Learn:

Join Jackson Control on Wednesday, February 24th for an IAQ Lunch &  Learn. Join us virtually via zoom.

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