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7957 N University Dr #102
Parkland, FL 33067

About Ballistiglass

  • BALLISTIGLASS manufactures and installs bullet resistant glass for commercial and residential buildings. We specialize in armoring schools with a product thinner and lighter than our competition but provides UL-8 protection against high powered weapons. As the manufacturer and installer, typically we do it for far less. Since school security requires a multi-layered approach, we also offer the newest technology in metal detectors and thermal scanners.
Competitors of Ballistiglass
  • Since 2004, Total Security Solutions has designed, engineered, fabricated, and delivered over 21,000 ballistic systems in locations worldwide. With offices in Michigan, California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, and Delaware, TSS offers custom ballistic solutions that provide both Safety +...
  • Whatever your requirements, we’re dedicated to providing multifunctional, fire-resistant glass solutions – for safe, beautiful, sustainable and comfortable buildings.

Products by Ballistiglass

  • BallistiMAX

    Our bulletproof glass provides UL-8 performance at a similar weight and thickness to our competitors’ UL-3 glass, and we do it at a lower price, too. Read more