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About Datalink Systems International Inc.

EduLink is our latest answer to the recent dramatic events bringing to your attention the most advanced and modular Student, University and School Protection system available
EduLink is a variant of security and tracking software developed by Datalink Systems for Government and Military Agencies in a number of countries. Edulink is CLOUD based and one account will provide total security communications for an entire School District. EduLink consists of three elements. A CLOUD based DataGate processor, a WebGate Web-Browser App for Android and Apple Smartphones and Computers and RedAlert emergency App installed in Smartphones, providing around the clock security for Students and work security for Teachers and other Staff members..

Being CLOUD based, EduLink can be in place and running in a matter of days, with other elements added as needed. The WebGate Administrative control program would be installed in existing computers at the School District Offices. WebGate can be accessed by existing computers in each School. Windows or Apple.

EduLink makes use of the existing Wi-Fi Networks within School Grounds and 4G/5G networks to link remote School District computers at each School and with Security personnel. In an emergency, key personnel can be reached wherever they are within cellular service or local Wi-Fi in seconds. Additional or dedicated security Wi-Fi repeaters may be required. School Police using Nexedge Portable Radios can be automatically emailed with alerts and other details using Datalink’s Email bridge.

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