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SafeWood Designs, Inc. is a manufacturer of wood and metal bullet resistant products such as doors, windows, transaction windows, walls, furniture and more. Founded in 2018, SafeWood Designs, Inc. aims to enhance safety and security without compromising interior décor or building structure. Our specialty products combine masterful millwork combined with ballistic security.

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Total Security Solutions

Total Security Solutions

Total Security Solutions is the leading nationwide custom bulletproof barrier manufacturer and installer. Since 2004, TSS has designed, engineered, fabricated, and delivered or installed over 25,000 ballistic systems in locations worldwide. With facilities in Michigan & California, and offices... Read More


FIRE & SECURITY SOLUTIONS. Won-Door has been a leader in helping solve complex fire protection and security needs for 60 years. With hundreds of thousands of products in schools, hospitals, high-rises and landmark structures, Won-Door has helped fire marshals and local authorities in solving... Read More


SAFTI FIRST provides technologically advanced fire rated glass and framing systems. Our products are tested, certified, listed and labeled both by UL and Intertek/Warnock-Hersey. Read More

Products by SafeWood Designs, Inc.

By SafeWood Designs, Inc.

SafeWood Designs Bullet Resistant Wood doors and patented wood frame assemblies are designed to prevent forced entry, protect against threats of invasion, and are intended to capture and retain attacking projectiles. This lessens the risk for ricochet and deters possible lateral damage. Protect... Read more »

By SafeWood Designs, Inc.

SafeShutter ™ is a bullet resistant whiteboard that obstructs an attacker’s line of sight. This shield can be swung 180° to impede an attackers progress. In the event of an emergency it can also be used as a defensive position. The SafeShutter™ provides bullet resistant safety over any windows... Read more »

By SafeWood Designs, Inc.

Our craftsman sliding barn door embodies timeless style with the security of a UL752 level 3 bullet resistant core. Simple and balanced, this solid wood door will fit right into your home. Handsome wood grain and naturally occurring elements give any space an organic touch. KEY FEATURES: UL752... Read more »

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