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  • Fire Alarm Control Panel 2 zones Conventional Fire communication By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel 2 zones It meets requirement of EN54 parts 2&4 It is 2 zones Mini fire alarm control panel works with Maximum 60 detectors and call points. It can work with Maximum 31 slave fire panel by RS485 communication and show their panel and zone No. alarm or fault... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel CK1016 Conventional Fire linkage By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    This fire alarm control panel meets NFPA requirement. It should be installed, commissioned and maintained by suitably qualified service personnel. Description: 1. It has 16 zones and 4 sounder outputs. 2. It has 3 standard FORM-A relays contact for alarm, fault, supervisory. And it has EIA-485... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Systems By Jackson Control

    -Firelite Control Panels -Notification Appliance (HS) & Boosters -Manual Pull StationsSmoke Detectors Read More
  • Fire Fighting Gas extinguish Manual release station By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    The manual release button is connected with fire fighting panel. There are three buttons on the station, one is START button, another is STOP button and RESTORE button. When the START button is pressed, it will trigger fire fighting panel to release gas extinguishing for fire fighting. RESTORE... Read More
  • Fire Security System Maintence Panel key switch By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Maintain fire alarm system regularly easy with maintence panel for switch. This MAINTENANCE panel is a key switch, which disconnects actuation circuits in the system to prevent accidental discharge during maintenance operations. Two “LEDS” indicate “SYSTEM ARMED” and “SYSTEM INACTIVE”. When the... Read More
  • Flood Resistant Doors & Frames By Ambico

    AMBICO flood resistant door and frame assemblies withstand hydrostatic pressure and include robust seal systems capable of minimizing water leakage. Assemblies are supplied in galvanized steel or stainless steel which offers extended life or for use in corrosive environments. Custom engineered... Read More
  • Full Property Technology Solutions By Allbridge

    Allbridge provides property technology solutions that mitigate risk, increase property value and improve lives through end-user and management experiences for hospitality, multifamily and mixed-use properties. For owners, developers, general contractors and operators, Allbridge combines... Read More