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By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

Combustible gad, toxic gas, CO gas, Hydrogen, H2S etc. gas detection should be as independent subsystem of fire alarm system. Gas detection alarm system should be used for oil field, chemical factory. The gas detection system including gas alarm control panel, combustible gas detector and toxic... Read more »

By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

Equipped a color LCD and a printer available for all information when alarms, errors or other operations occur. It finds that combustible gas leaks in industrial environment and daily living environment. When combustible gas alarm system detects that the concentration of combustible gas reaches... Read more »

By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

technical parameter 1. working voltage: DC24 + 15% (no polarity) 2. rated current: less than 60mA 3. ambient temperature: -10 C +55 C 4. relative humidity: less than 95%. 5. flash strength: more than 1.2WS 6. the number of light: = 120 times / min 7. life is more than 30000 times: strobe... Read more »

By GeoComm

In order to improve situational awareness and reduce response times, emergency responders need more detailed information about the schools to which they are responding. An address point on a map with no additional structure information provides little location context to call takers and first... Read more »