Products in the Campus Security & Life Safety Directory

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  • MadeSafe By Enseo

    Peace of Mind for Parents and Teachers MadeSafe Quickly Locates Staff in Emergencies Wearable Alert Button for Teachers Time is critical in an emergency. That’s why we designed MadeSafe as a way to simply tap a button and immediately alert designated personnel. - Medical Emergencies - Student... Read More
  • Manual Call point 2-wire Fire alarm system By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    SB-116 Manual call point 2-wire Operates by Advanced MCU Expert Algorithm Software. The conventional manual call point is designed for fire alarm systems and security alarm systems It is with pull down plate for safe and easy press to call at emergency condition and easy to restore after the... Read More
  • Mechanical Lock Down Solutions By Napco Security Group

    LocDown Series - Cylindrical F110 Function Lock down classrooms, offices, common areas, labs, with a key from safely inside -Lock down with key from inside -Economically priced -Retrofits standard lockset, several lock body styles & finishes -Durable, super strength retractor, long life lever,... Read More
  • Mobile Monitoring By Danner's Security

    Our mobile monitoring systems allow school campuses to operate flexible and cost-effective campus security in parking lots, remote entry points on the property, and other sites that are out of the range of any existing surveillance systems. Our security monitoring systems for school campuses... Read More
  • Mobile Surveillance Units and Monitoring By SentraCam

    A perfect solution for parking lots or the construction industry. Our solar-powered portable security stations can be positioned anywhere without the need for an electrical source. By combining smart detection software with our team of trained remote guards, we can monitor your entire area in... Read More
  • Monitoring for Campus Security By Danner's Security

    Danner’s understands that academic organizations have a responsibility to protect their community while working within the confines of a tight budget. Our approach to campus security includes a range of options to keep students safe and staff supported. We offer school security services that... Read More
  • MyFAK Advanced By My Medic

    The best first-aid kit on the planet! Equipped with life saving supplies, so you feel prepared, protected, and confident. Expert-picked supplies for: Bleeding, Airway, Burns, Hydration, Meds, Sprain & Fractures, Outdoors, Topical items. Over 100 quality first-aid and trauma supplies. Tear... Read More
  • MyFAK Large Advanced By My Medic

    Built on the frame of our best-selling kit, the MyFAK Large was designed to help you keep you and your loved ones safe. Everything is accessible and visible so you spend less time digging for what you need and more time administering effective first aid. + Nearly twice the size of our original... Read More