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  • #101 Lever Latchset By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    In recent years, OMNIA introduced a line of classic, yet transitional door hardware that was extremely well-received due to the beauty and versatility of the designs. The OMNIA Traditions line has now been enhanced with new timeless styles. Two standouts are the #101 octagonal lever and #201... Read More
  • #12 Lever Latchset By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    Stainless Steel Lever. Available in US32 or US32D. 5-1/4" lever length x 3" projection. Read More
  • #12368 Mortise Lockset By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    Solid brass mortise lockset. Available in US3, US26, US26D, US10B & US15. 10-9/16" overall. Read More
  • #201 Knob By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    In recent years, OMNIA introduced a line of classic, yet transitional door hardware that was extremely well-received due to the beauty and versatility of the designs. The OMNIA Traditions line has now been enhanced with new timeless styles. Two standouts are the #101 octagonal lever and #201... Read More
  • #227 Lever By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    Solid brass lever. Available in US26, US26D, US10B & US15. 5-1/2" lever length x 2-3/8" projection. Read More
  • #23 Lever By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    Stainless steel & solid brass lever. Available in US32D finish with polished chrome accents. 5-1/2" lever length x 2-5/8" projection. Read More
  • #60251 Narrow Backset Mortise Lock By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    Solid brass narrow backset mortise lock. Available in US3 & SB. 11-7/16" overall. Read More
  • #785 Lever By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    For nearly fifty years, OMNIA has created a legacy of manufacturing elegant, high quality door hardware forged from solid brass. This standard continues with the introduction of the OMNIA Prodigy collection. The seven designs ranging from sleek to sparkling, and offered in six popular finishes,... Read More
  • #9004 Ultima Cabinet Knob By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    In line with the latest trends in decorative hardware and cabinetry, all of OMNIA's Ultima designs are minimalist with an impact. The distinctive cabinet pulls in the Ultima line are also now offered in a scale appropriate for door or appliance pulls. The addition of an ergonomic square cabinet... Read More
  • #955 Knob By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    A reproduction of classic styling, the 955 octagonal glass knob from the new OMNIA Prodigy collection is a showpiece at an attainable price. The highest manufacturing standards are employed to achieve pristine clarity and a silver-plated starburst at the base of the knob allows light to reflect... Read More
  • #D9000S Square Stainless Steel Auxiliary Deadbolt By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    Square stainless steel auxiliary deadbolt. Available in US32D. Available as cylinder by thumbturn or double cylinder. Fits 2-1/8" standard bore. 2-5/16" square, 1-1/2" collar projection, 1-5/8" overall turnpiece projection. Read More
  • 0162 Surface Mounted Rim Strike By dormakaba Group

    Designed especially to operate with rim exit devices. The 0162 is completely surface mounted, no more cutting of the frame. The rugged stainless steel design accommodates hollow metal, aluminum and wood door frames. The one piece conventional keeper promotes even load distribution in the event... Read More
  • 1" Standard Cable Cage Polypropylene J-Hook, Size 16, Load Capacity-14 lbs By Primus Cable

    J-Hooks - The perfect solution for heavy duty hanging applications. Traditional style, construction grade, multi-purpose J-Hooks, provide stress free cable support and help organize and build a distribution pathway for various types of cables. some popular uses would be for above-suspended... Read More
  • 1. DMC3000 Electronic Dosimeter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    Mirion Technologies provides a complete line of hardware and software products targeted to Health Physics and Radiation Protection personnel, in order to meet current Nuclear Industry challenges. Covering a wide range of X-Ray and Gamma radiation detection, our DMC 3000 Electronic Dosimeter... Read More
  • 1. Instadose - Instant Readout Radiation Dosimeter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    Instadose™ from Quantum Products brings radiation monitoring into the digital age. Smaller than a flash drive, this rugged dosimeter provides an instant read-out when connected to any computer with internet access via a USB connector. This revolutionary device provides radiation workers with... Read More
  • 1. RAD60 Electronic Dosimeter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The RAD-60 Personal Alarming Dosimeter is a precise and reliable instrument for monitoring radiation exposure ensuring the personal safety of the user. The RAD-60 is used for all forms of radiation exposure monitoring including by those subject occupational radiation monitoring and first... Read More
  • 10 loops linkage fire alarm fire fighting security system By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    FACP 10 loop fire alarm control panel(Including software) Cabinet type: for cabinet type controller, or desktop controller. Host capacity: 10 loop, alarm linkage total of 2420 address points. Has the equipment: print function, 24 point bus linkage operation disk, 6 points multi line control... Read More
  • 1080P High-Definition Stop Arm Cameras By Fortress Mobile

    Fortress Mobile is the only stop arm cameras provider of 1080p HD quality imaging for school buses, enforces stop arm violations while maintain inside school bus surveillance. Being the first on the market with extreme high resolution stop arm cameras, Fortress Mobile offers a complete solution... Read More
  • 125 kHz Low Frequency Readers & Credentials By Keyscan, Inc.

    Keyscan offers a full line of low frequency (125 kHz) readers and credentials to suit a wide scope of access control installations. Our line of Keyscan and compatible readers deliver quality security solution for your facility and are a logical choice for your proximity access control... Read More
  • 12-Port Industrial Gigabit L2 Managed PoE+ DIN-Rail Switch, TI-PG1284i By TRENDnet

    TRENDnet’s Industrial Gigabit L2 Managed DIN-Rail Switch series offers advanced layer 2 managed features with enhanced traffic controls to meet the evolving demands of today’s SMB networks. Each industrial layer 2 managed switch is equipped with an IP30 rated metal enclosure, designed to... Read More
  • 13.56 MHz High Frequency Readers & Credentials By Keyscan, Inc.

    Keyscan‘s K-SMART contactless smartcard readers offer users the convenience of a contactless credential with the enhanced security that only a smartcard reader and credential combination can offer: • Avoid duplication when used with Keyscan 36 bit credential format • Built-in support for... Read More
  • 13.56MHz & 125 kHz Readers and Keypads By Keyscan, Inc.

    Keyscan readers and keypads use proven technologies and are constructed from durable materials so you get reliable and consistent performance that you can count on day-in and day-out. Read More
  • 14 dBi WiFi AC867 Outdoor PoE Preconfigured Point-to-Point Bridge Kit, TEW-840APBO2K By TRENDnet

    TRENDnet’s 14 dBi WiFi AC867 Outdoor PoE Preconfigured Point-to-Point Bridge Kit, model TEW-840APBO2K, provides long-range wireless AC867 point-to-point connectivity.This preconfigured outdoor WiFi bridge kit provides installers the simplest way to create a long-distance wireless point-to-point... Read More
  • 15-Minute Phone Consultation By Net-Lion Communications

    We provide a Free 15-Minute Get to Know you Call, and then an On-Site Consultation and Survey to determine your wants versus your needs, and how to join them together. Read More
  • 16 Channel H.264 DVR W/1000 GB Hard Drive By Primus Cable

    This H.264 DVR’s is the most Advanced H.264 Standalone DVRs developed for all industrial applications. In addition to its sleek and smooth professional design, it is very reliable and cost effective. Real Time Live Viewing. Most of all its Full D1 and Crystal Clear picture quality using very... Read More
  • 16-Channel H.265 1080p HD PoE+ NVR, TV-NVR416 By TRENDnet

    TRENDnet’s standalone 16-Channel H.265 1080p HD PoE+ NVR, model TV-NVR416, offers a comprehensive rack mountable camera management solution. The NVR networks and powers up to sixteen PoE cameras. Install up to 12TB of storage (hard drives not included) to record up to one month of continuous... Read More
  • 2. Rad-ID RIID By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The rad-ID™ is a complex radiation laboratory in a small box that has been carefully designed to be easy to use. It contains four different types of sensors, each designed to allow an operator to detect, locate, and identify radioactive isotopes. It offers public safety and federal agencies a... Read More
  • 2. identiFINDER2/R400 RIID By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The identiFINDER2 is a logical next generation instrument greatly based on the original identiFINDER. With 10,000+ identiFINDERs deployed worldwide inputs on how to improve this already excellent instrument have been few but valuable. The identiFINDER 2 is the result of taking these inputs and... Read More
  • 2. MSpec SPRD By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The MSpec portable Fast Responding Gamma Spectrometer and Dose Rate Meter will instantly measure any material for the presence of radioactivity whether it is general waste, medical waste, scrap metal or recycled material. Operation of the MSpec is completely automatic once the easy-to-set... Read More
  • 2. nanoRAIDER/R300 SPRD By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    When radiation detection capabilities are necessary, operators must rely on the accuracy and dependability of their instruments. With the highest detector resolution available in a pager-sized device, the nanoRaider™ virtually eliminates the false alarms and false positives that are so common to... Read More
  • 2. radHUNTER/R500 RIID By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The radHUNTER™ is an extremely sensitive and accurate digital hand-held gamma radionuclide identification device (RID). It is the culmination of over eight years of development of micro-miniature, digital signal processing electronics; operating power conservation; and advancements in the... Read More
  • 2. RIIDEye RIID By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The RIIDEye from Thermo Scientific is an easy to use and very advanced handheld isotopic identifier. It provides precise, real time gamma source identification using the patented QCCtechnology. Effortless and uninterrupted operation is made possible due to a design that is ergonomic with the... Read More
  • 2. SYCLONE RIID By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The SYCLONE is a highly sensitive handheld Gamma-Ray spectrometer capable of identifying single or multiple isotopes simultaneously. The SYCLONE also provides the user with various functions such as Search and Find, Optional Neutron Detection, Rate Meter, Nuclide ID, Dose Rates and accumulated... Read More
  • 2. Upgrade/Retro Fit Program - GR135/SYCLONE By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    LAURUS Systems offers an advanced spectrometer technology that allows specific components of existing spectrometers to be retrofitted into RadComm’s State-of-the-Art SYCLONE series of portable RIID's (handheld radio-isotope identification device). We now have the ability to upgrade and retro... Read More
  • 2-wire Smoke and Heat Detector Conventional Fire alarm system By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Smoke and Heat Detector 2-wire compatible with all conventional fire alarm control panel. The detector is photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with non-coding fire alarm control... Read More
  • 3 Arm Turnstile - Electrical / Mechanical By Turnstile Security Systems Inc

    Turnstile Security Systems Inc’s 1100 series line of waist high turnstiles provide an excellent means of controlling and counting the flow of pedestrian traffic in and out of your facility. Heavy duty construction, the latest in materials and manufacturing techniques ensure years of trouble free... Read More
  • 3. Mini Rad-D Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The Mini rad-D is a rugged, all-weather radiation detector that’s small enough to wear on a belt yet powerful enough to quickly locate low-level and discrete radioactive sources. The mini will operate well even among crowds of thousands of people or warehouses with thousands of packages.... Read More
  • 3. Mini Rad-DX Advanced PRD By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The all new Mini Rad-DX is the newest advanced technology PRD on the market today. The Mini Rad-DX offers the exclusive SensorNet mesh network as well as the ability to be monitored system wide via WIFI to a central location, emailing or texting alerts to critical personnel. The Mini Rad-DX has... Read More
  • 3. PDS-GO Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The PDS-GO is a lightweight, small, sensitive, personnal gamma radiation detector, designed to meet the ANSI N42.32 radiation detection requirements.The PDS-GO has been designed using the latest state-of-the-art electronic components including the advanced technology of a Silicon photomultiplier... Read More
  • 3. RadEye Personal Radiation Detector (PRD By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The so-called “orphan source” phenomena is a serious global problem as sources showing up unexpectedly in scrap yards, border crossings, or numerous other public locations are a significant potential threat. The RadEye PRD represents a high-performance measuring device for anyone responsible for... Read More
  • 360° panomorph lens By ImmerVision

    Because of their highly-advanced optical resolution capability, when used with leading video surveillance cameras and software manufacturers, Panomorph lenses enable 360˚ situational awareness, remove blind spots and provide consistent 360° viewing live and playback. A viewing device with the... Read More
  • 3940 IP Dome PTZ Camera IP67 By Cohu Electronics

    Cohu’s 3940 has become the new standard in high performance CCTV cameras, and with the addition of progressive new features, offers even more value and imaging advantages. This integrated IP dome provides what you can always expect from Cohu Electronics: quality, affordability, and style. Read More
  • 3960HD High Definition, H.264, 18x, PTZ Camera By Cohu Electronics

    Based on the vastly successful and revolutionary 3960 camera positioner, the 3960HD combines the rugged, reliable, and accurate 3960 PTZ positioner with a powerful new high definition camera sensor, H.264 compression and an 18x optical zoom lens. The 3960HD is the best new high definition camera... Read More
  • 3M Scotchgard Multi-layer Protective Film By 3M Company

    View 3M's new online video to learn more about this proprietary 4-layer film. See how the film instantly peels away graffiti and leaves no residue behind. Fast removal helps transit authorities keep more vehicles in service. Transit Market Applications: - Bus windows - Rail windows - Restroom... Read More
  • 3M™ Tape-Attached Automotive Accerrories By 3M Company

    For over 40 years 3M's automotive attachment tape scientists have kept pace with the ever-changing automotive industry and its wide array of surfaces. The unique construction and relaxation qualities of 3M's automotive attachment tapes provide the automotive industry with some of the strongest... Read More
  • 4 and 8 Channel Embedded NVRs with HD 1080p Recording: PixelMaster By CBC Group

    4 and 8 Channel Embedded NVRs with HD 1080p Recording Read More
  • 4 Arm Turnstile By Turnstile Security Systems Inc

    Turnstiles offer an excellent means of creating a flow in one direction allowing customers easy entry while discretely directing them to exit at a monitored location. A Turnstile and Railing system can improve security and reduce losses. Modular posts, rails and other off the shelf components... Read More
  • 4 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    The strength and durability of our F1 Series Electric Strikes make them ideal for Fire Rated or heavy-duty applications. The F1 Series Electric Strikes is designed with a unique built-in anti-vibration feature, a saddle mounted housing and a tamper resistant “Pry-Guard” for increased strength... Read More
  • 4. DSM-500 Digital Radiation Survey Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    This microprocessor-controlled instrument represents the new gold standard of survey instruments. The DSM-500 boasts an oversized digital display and a unique capability for dual probe capability. Comes standard with timed count capability, probe-saturation and error indicators. Auto-Ranging... Read More
  • 4. DSM-501 Digital Micro-R Meter With Internal Detector By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The internal 1"x1" plastic scintillator has a close to tissue-equivalent response and has an oversized digital backlit display, dose or CPM operation modes and comes Standard with timed-count capability, probe-saturation and error indicators. Auto-Ranging Display - Timed Count Capability - Dose... Read More
  • 4. DSM-502 Digital Radiation Survey Meter With Internal Detector By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The DSM-502 Survey meter is designed as the perfect application for general users of radiation measurement and monitoring. It's mid-range internal detector allows for the perfect combination of accuracy, simplicity and functionality for the reliable and consistent measurement of dose.... Read More
  • 4. DSM-506 Digital Radiation Survey Meter w/Internal & External Detectors By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The operation of the DSM-506 provides users the ease of an internal detector with the additional probe capability for those specific measurement needs. This feature, with its easy to read display, digital electronics and rugged design make the 506 a perfect instrument for all applications. Read More
  • 4. DSM-525 Digital Radiation Survey Meter w/Dual Detector By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The DSM-525 is the most functional survey instrument on the market with its dual probe capability. This dual connection capability allows users the luxury of multiple level measurements with as many as four different probes calibrated to each measurement type. No more retracking to the... Read More
  • 4. Inspector EXP Handheld Survey Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The Inspector EXP was designed to meet the requirements of emergency response personnel. It has the same valuable features, small size, and quality of the Inspector. However, instead of the built-in detector, it has the added versatility of an external probe. The carrying case has a clear window... Read More
  • 4. Inspector USB Handheld Survey Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The Inspector and Inspector Plus are now The Inspector USB!! Now with USB and the included Observer USB Software, you can download your data from the internal memory, set computer alarms, and calibrate your instrument! The Inspector USB Handheld Digital Radiation Alert® Detector is a small,... Read More
  • 4. RadEye G/G-10 Compact Dose Rate Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The RadEye G is a light-weight and very rugged instrument designed for quick and reliable measurement of gamma dose rates. Modern electronic circuitry guarantees excellent linearity over 6 decades of radiation intensity: from background level to 10 R/h - with over range indication up to 1000... Read More
  • 4. RC2 Handheld Dose Rate Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The Basic RC2PLUS automatically sets an alarm threshold over the total background count rate average upon each startup. This allows the RC2PLUS to detect very low radiation levels even when hidden by shielding such as scrap metal, waste, or other dense material. The RC2PLUS utilizes a large... Read More
  • 4. RDS-30 Handheld Survey Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The RDS30 is a digital handheld radiation dose date meter designed for any number of applications involving the possibility of higher than expected or abnormal radiation levels. It is compact, lightweight and extremely user friendly. It is perfectly suited for radiation surveys in field... Read More
  • 4. RDS-31 Multi-Purpose Survey Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The RDS-31S/R Multi-purpose Survey Meter is part of the RDS family of Mirion survey meters and offers modern design and an advanced approach to radiation monitoring. The RDS-31 features outstanding ergonomics; lightweight, easy to handle, with visual, audible and vibrating alarms. The large... Read More
  • 4. RDS-80/80A Handheld Contamination Monitor By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The rugged and easy to use RDS-80A and RDS-80 Surface Contamination Meters are versatile contamination detectors which have been designed for a wide range of applications in different fields of radiation protection. Versatile enough to be used in the nuclear industry, rescue/haz mat operations,... Read More
  • 4. RI-02 Ion Chamber Survey Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The RI-02 is the next generation ion chamber survey meter. This smart meter features accurate dose & rate measurement and programmable modes for alerting the user to posting and transportation survey requirements. The RI-02 is an air vented ionization chamber, designed for highly stable and... Read More
  • 4. Thermo FH40 Handheld Survey Meter By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The FH40 G family of advanced digital survey meters is designed for many different radiation protection applications. The FH40 G is rugged, lightweight, fits snugly in the palm of the hand and is easy to operate with large keys that enable users wearing gloves. Internal diagnostics ensure... Read More
  • 4132B, 4185A Miniature data modems By TKH Security Solutions USA, Inc.

    Single channel miniature data fiber modems RS232, RS422, and RS485 versions available Optically interchangeable for converting one data type to another Optically compatible with most Optelecom-NKF Drop and Insert Data Modems Read More
  • 41H IP Camera By Safety Vision

    The 41H Series advanced IP dome cameras are specifically engineered to compliment Safety Vision's innovative Observer Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs). Combined with traditional analog cameras or as part of a completely digital configuration, the 41H series cameras provide sharp and clear video... Read More
  • 45 Series By Safety Vision

    The 45 series interior camera exhibits a low-profile design, ensuring it can be mounted in a variety of orientations. An IK07 impact rating ensures resistance against the harshest of impacts and makes the 45 analog series a wise choice for public environments. Smart infrared illuminator (IR)... Read More
  • 4700 Interlock Mantrap By Dortronics Systems, Inc.

    The 4700 series Programmable Logic Controller is an economic way to control up to 4 interlocked doors. The controller logic sequences simultaneous requests for access and monitors unsecured doors to maintain the highest level of security at all times. Read More
  • 4900 Mantrap Interlock By Dortronics Systems, Inc.

    Dortronics new 4900 series intelligent interlock controllers are PLC based to provide programmable effective mantrap control. The modular I/O design allows cost effective control of any size door interlock project. Factory programmed for any custom control solution. Ideal for Clean room... Read More
  • 5 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    Designed to fit perfectly into a standard ANSI frame prep, the 5 Series Easy Mount Strikes do not require any frame cutting. With a strike body depth of less than one inch, no modifications to the dust box are needed either, (excluding the need for a wire access hole on the dust cover). Simply... Read More
  • 5. AM-801 Portable Portal Monitor By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The AM 801 from WB Johnson Instruments is a fully and effortlessly transportable radiation Portal Monitor that is easily assembled in less than ten minutes with NO tools required. It comes with Voice Operational Commands, Full Color Touch Sensitive graphics panel, and Auto Cal for Maximum... Read More
  • 5. Mini Rad-V Vehicle Mounted Radiation Detector By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    Recognizing elevated radiation levels and detecting radioactive materials has never been easier. The ultra sensitive Mini Rad-V vehicle or vessel mounted radiation detector takes the proven performance and reliability of the Mini Rad-D and Rad-D technology to new levels for first responders and... Read More
  • 5. Rad-D- Portable Radiation Monitor By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The Rad-D is a fixed-position radiation detector that is used to monitor doorways, driveways, or loading docks. It can inspect packages or luggage on conveyor belts; and it can be integrated with an X-ray machine or a metal detector to increase the kinds of dangers detected. The Rad-D can also... Read More
  • 5. Rad-DX Safeguard Robust Environmental Radiation Monitor By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The Rad-DX SafeGuard is a state-of-the-art radiation area monitor that provides real-time detection, data collection, and location of radiation threats across any area. It is based on the Rad-DX wireless radiation area monitor. The SafeGuard is a mesh networked radiation detector with a... Read More
  • 5. Rad-DX Wireless Mesh Networked Radiation Detector By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The Rad-DX is a wireless mesh networked radiation detector with a sensitive scintillation detector which allows it to detect discreet sources of radiation in less than one second. A number of versions are now available including an extended range monitor capable of handling dose rates of up to... Read More
  • 5. TPM 903B Portable Portal Monitor By LAURUS Systems Inc.

    The TPM-903B is a lightweight, portable portal monitor that is ideal for either permanent or temporary installation. The aperture accommodates pedestrians, wheelchairs, walkers, ambulance gurneys and strollers; and can also be easily adapted as a vehicle monitor. Emergency response teams,... Read More
  • 5.11 Tactical ATAC A1 Tactical Flashlight By Officer Store

    The ATAC A1 Tactical Flashlight is powered by one AA alkaline battery (included) and throws a brilliant 103 Lumens of light in a smooth tactical beam. Runtime is 50 minutes (HIGH) and 28 hours of runtime on (LOW). The A1 is only 4.2” in length with a body diameter of 1” and weighs a scant 3.1... Read More
  • 5.11 Tactical ATAC L1 Tactical Flashlight By Officer Store

    The ATAC L1 Tactical Flashlight is a compact flashlight powered by a single CR123A battery that throws 173 Lumens of light in a smooth pattern. This flashlight delivers 2 hours of runtime on (HIGH) and 46 hours of runtime on (LOW). All of this is contained in the 3.9” long body that weighs only... Read More
  • 5.11 Tactical ATAC L2 Tactical Flashlight By Officer Store

    The ATAC L2 Tactical Flashlight is the most powerful product in the 5.11 ATAC family with long-lasting performance from two CR123A Lithium batteries. This Tactical Flashlight throws an ultra-bright 222 Lumens of light and provides 4 hours of runtime on (HIGH) and 74 hours of runtime on (LOW).... Read More
  • 5.11 Tactical ATAC PLx Tactical Penlight By Officer Store

    The ATAC PLx Tactical Pen Light is an extremely versatile and light weight option. The sleek design hides a full function tactical light that throws a brilliant 69 Lumens of light in a smooth beam pattern. Powered by two AAA Duracell batteries (included) the PLx provides over 3 hours of runtime.... Read More
  • 5.11 Tactical Taclite EMT Pant By Officer Store

    The 5.11 Taclite EMS Pant is designed to provide for both tactical and EMS roles. Constructed of advanced 6 oz. 65% polyester/35% cotton ripstop fabric, the light-but-tough fabric is highly breathable and fast-drying. DuPont HP Teflon fabric protector adds a durable finish and repels stains,... Read More
  • 5.11 Tactical: ATAC A2 Tactical Flashlight, CREE XP-G LED By Officer Store

    The ATAC A2 Tactical Flashlight uses two AA alkaline batteries (included) to produce a brilliant 162 Lumen beam of light. The A2 provides 1.75 hours of runtime on (HIGH) and 75 hours of runtime on (LOW). The A2 is 6.0” in length and has a 1” body diameter. Including the two AA Duracell... Read More
  • 6 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    RCI’s ”all-in-one“ 6 Series electric strike combines several requested key features. Standard features include a multi-voltage single solenoid, selectable lock mode (no tools necessary), horizontal adjustment, and plug-in wire connectors. An optional monitor switch is also available. The L65 Low... Read More
  • 6960 Dual Head Positioner IP67 By Cohu Electronics

    The 6960 Series is a full-spectrum camera site surveillance solution in one integrated package. Select a thermal imager for extreme low light conditions, or environments clouded by haze, rain, smoke, or fog. A second camera is used for precise recognition, identification, or assessment. The... Read More
  • 7 Series Electric Strike By dormakaba Group

    RCI’s 7 Series electric strikes allow installers to adjust the strike pivot horizontally for precise alignment. Unique anti-vibration design prevents manipulation by vibration. Crossed wires are never a problem, as the coil is non polarity-conscious. • Accommodates 5/8" latch... Read More
  • 7000 - RG bi-Directional Optical Turnstile By Turnstile Security Systems Inc

    The Turnstile security Systems 7000-RG is a bi-directional optical turnstile with a retracting acrylic barrier wing panels. It can be used as a purely optical turnstile or as a barrier-type optical turnstile. When in "barrier mode" the acrylic wings act as an additional visual deterrent to... Read More
  • 7794 IntelliProFire By AES Corporation

    The AES-7794 IntelliProFire is an add-on module forAESsubscribers that enables transmission of full alarm zone data from an alarm panel to a central station over an established AES-IntelliNet network. AES subscribers with IntelliProFire can operate in applications with or without a phone line... Read More
  • 8000 Network Video Recorder By Safety Vision

    The RoadRecorder® 8000 represents the most advanced generation of Safety Vision’s flagship network video recorders, delivering stunning high definition images and flexible, innovative specifications that fit any application. The RoadRecorder 8000 provides a broad platform to integrate with your... Read More
  • 8310 MultiMag® By dormakaba Group

    These hard-working multi-purpose electromagnetic locks enhance building security and install quickly. Several standard features make these magnets the “workhorse” of the industry. The adjustable mounting bracket has been enhanced with keyhole mounting to support the magnet’s weight... Read More
  • 8371 Surface MiniMag® By dormakaba Group

    Our low-profile MiniMags® have been extremely popular for interior traffic control. These short electromagnetic locks install perfectly alongside most automatic door operators or stop-mounted door hardware, reducing installation time and eliminating the need for extra brackets. The MiniMags®... Read More
  • 8800 Series Long Range Camera By Cohu Electronics

    The Cohu 8800 Series Camera is the ultimate high performance, long-range, surveillance solution.perfect for security and targeting applications. Configurations include a choice of camera type (day/night color or monochrome) and your choice of long-range telephoto lens while standard features... Read More
  • 9013 Ultima Cabinet Pull By OMNIA Industries, Inc.

    In line with the latest trends in decorative hardware and cabinetry, our 9013 pull is minimalist and is available in three lengths: 8", 11" & 14". Oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel and polished chrome finishes are available. The Ultima line of five cabinet pulls has recently been expanded to... Read More
  • 906/908 Handicap & Exit Mushroom Buttons By dormakaba Group

    • Ideal for request-to-exit applications • 20-gauge stainless steel faceplate • Standard model fits single-gang surface or recessed electrical boxes (optional) • Hardware kit includes stainless steel tamper-proof screws and spanner bit • Momentary, maintained or time-delay switches... Read More
  • 9212 Stand-Alone Keypads By dormakaba Group

    The 9212 Series keypads are designed for basic access control or code control for up to four individual devices. These keypads are the perfect choice for controlling electric or electromagnetic locks, security systems, elevator control, gate controls, or other types of equipment requiring on/off... Read More
  • 9292D 2-channel video with HS port, Option Modules, and Ethernet ports By TKH Security Solutions USA, Inc.

    Two channel digital video transmitters and receivers 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet switch 1 duplex High-Speed (HS) port channel 2 duplex Option Module channels Digital, very high quality video >=67 dBw SNR Available in 9000 series rack-mount card 9900 series Network Management System (NMS)... Read More
  • 9310 Easy Read Magstripe™ Card Reader By dormakaba Group

    The Easy Read-Magstripe™ card reader is a stand-alone access control system which accepts any ANSI standard Track II magstripe card, such as bank cards or an existing system's cards. (Note: Sensitive banking or credit information is not encoded on Track 2.) Though an Easy Read-MagstripeTM card... Read More
  • 9320-21 Easy Read-Prox® Slimline By dormakaba Group

    The Easy Read-Prox® Slimline version controls access of up to 10,000 users. All users can be individually voided without the user's token. The Slimline features electronics sealed in a water-resistant resin inside a tough UV stable ABS housing (9320). The wiring is sealed into the housing.... Read More
  • 9322 Micro Readers By dormakaba Group

    The Easy Read-Prox™ Micro version controls access of up to 10,000 users. All users can be individually voided without the user's token. The Micro features electronics sealed in a water-resistant resin inside a tough UV stable ABS housing (9322). The wiring is sealed into the housing. Keyhole... Read More
  • 960 Tamper Resistant Key Switch By dormakaba Group

    These sleek, beveled-edge 960 key switches are designed to discourage tampering. Tamperproof screws and a special driver are included with the key switch to prevent unauthorized removal of the faceplate. The convenient lock-down cylinder bracket can hold two switches and is secured by... Read More
  • 960H High-Definition Interior Cameras By Fortress Mobile

    Fortress Mobile 960H interior cameras for school bus surveillance can provide superior imaging, users can watch passengers inside the bus and maintain inside behavior monitoring. With an internal microphone, a vandal proof design and customize views, our cameras offer quality video and sound to... Read More