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  • REPULS® Chemical Irritant for Self Protection By Bac Tactical

    The REPULS® Chemical Irritant for Self Protection/Self Defence is a newly developed spray designed to replace existing pepper spray (OC/CS). Confront and control your assailant, suspect or prisoner with an overwhelming non-lethal spray using the REPULS® hand-held units. All units include... Read More
  • Radio Frequency Steel Doors & Frames By Ambico

    A Radio Frequency (RF) shielding door assembly reduces the amount of radio-frequency and/or electromagnetic energy that is transmitted across an opening. Often RF door and frame assemblies are designed to achieve acoustic as well as radio frequency attenuation. Door and frame assemblies meet... Read More
  • Rave Alert By Rave Mobile Safety

    Our mass notification system gets the right message to the right user at the right time from any internet connected device. Send your message from anywhere to anywhere in a matter of seconds. It only takes two clicks to send alerts in all communication modes. CAP compliant, Rave Alert lets you... Read More
  • Rave Eyewitness By Rave Mobile Safety

    Through Rave Eyewitness, community members, who may not feel comfortable talking directly to authorities or don’t want anyone to know they submitted the tip, can anonymously send a text message to a customized digit short code. Designated authorities can respond to any texts submitted in real... Read More
  • Rave Panic Button By Rave Mobile Safety

    In seconds, the Rave Panic Button app clearly communicates an emergency to 9-1-1, on-site personnel, and first responders. Rave Panic Button shortens response times and improves safety for all those in the immediate area. - With the push of a button, the Rave Panic Button app immediately dials... Read More
  • Recessed Panel Steel Doors & Frames By Ambico

    AMBICO customizes recessed panel steel doors to suit unique architectural and aesthetic requirements. Individual panels are recessed into the door face to create a prominent “shadow” around the perimeter of each rectangular panel. Recessed panel doors can be provided in a four panel... Read More
  • RedFlag By Pocketstop RedFlag

    RedFlag is an easy to use multi-channel emergency mass notification system allowing you to deliver real time alerts and critical information to groups of any size. Our industry leading emergency mass notification system can be used by small businesses up to enterprise corporations to gain... Read More
  • Relay output smoke alarm AC power smoke detector By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Relay output smoke alarm AC power smoke detector Functions: 1. Smoke detector works with 220V AC power supply. Work indicator light is on during normal working status. When alarm, the alarm indicator light up and sound alarm. 2. Smoke alarm has relay output with N/C or N/O contact output. When... Read More
  • Remote Led Indicator Output Smoke detection area 40m2 By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Advantage Standalone Smoke Detector producer high quality 9V Battery Smoke Sensor Features and Benefits 1.Strong Adaptability For Circumstance 2.SMT Design, High Stability 3.DC9V Battery Non-polarized 4.Power Supply Non-Polarized input 5.Twin Led For 360 Visual 6.Flashing Led Power... Read More

    DC24V LPCB Approved Addressable fire alarm button ressetable manual fire alarm call point works with TC series addressable fire alarm system. Installed in public places; when there is a fire, pressing the frangible element on this MCP can send fire signal to fire alarm control panel Alarm by... Read More
  • RF / IR Attenuation By GlassLock, Inc.

    GlassLock's SpyGuard Technology provides customized film, glass and architectural surfaces for radio frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) attenuation / eavesdropping countermeasures / wireless security as-well-as blast hazard reduction for physical security concerns. Tested at... Read More
  • RTNmobile Emergency Evacuation Management By Real Time Networks

    Efficiently Manage an Emergency Evacuation and Save Lives Real Time Networks Mustering Solution uses indoor positioning system technology to provide real time location information and solves the problems of having to perform repeated manual checks and roll-calls during an emergency event.... Read More