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  • Safety Plan Review - Training By Connors Security Consulting Services, Inc.

    You have assessed your strengths and identified areas in need of improvement; you have addressed and attempted to resolve any shortcomings through a combination of personnel, procedures, hardware and technological improvements. You have updated and enhanced your district and building level... Read More
  • School Safety Plans By Connors Security Consulting Services, Inc.

    A School District’s District-wide Safety Plan needs to be a comprehensive, detailed, living document that describes the consistent standards and protocols to be adhered to by all of the schools within that district while satisfactorily addressing the four phases of Crisis Management: -Mitigation... Read More
  • School Safety Solutions By Bullet Blocker

    Our Junior Pack is designed for young school-age children who require a bag that is small enough to be worn safely and comfortably. Made with the same lightweight, semi-flexible NIJ IIIA ballistic panel that is used in all our products, the pack is sure to keep your child safe at school and... Read More
  • School/Office Lockdown Kits By Quake Kare

    Equip your students and employees with the supplies they need to shelter in place! Read More
  • SDP and SVDP SIP Door Phones By PM Power Products, LLC

    The design of the PM Power Products SDP-20S SIP Door Phone and the SVDP-30S SIP Video Door Phones are based on our experience and knowledge of IP phone development. The SDP-20S SIP Door Phone and the SVDP-30S SIP Video Door Phones use standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for voice transmission and... Read More
  • Security and Safety Audit By Connors Security Consulting Services, Inc.

    A Security and Safety Audit conducted by Connors Security Consulting Services is not simply a checklist of what a school does and does not have in place, but rather an objective, detailed assessment of a school’s strengths as well as areas in need of improvement providing recommendations for... Read More
  • Security Checkpoint Scanners By Anchortex Corporation

    Anchortex Corporation offers a variety of options for establishing security checkpoints at courthouses, police departments, and other secured areas for law enforcement, corrections, and security officers, as well as hand-held metal detectors and trace detectors for portable detection of... Read More
  • Security Films & Anchoring (Attachment) Systems By GlassLock, Inc.

    GlassLock offer two different types of anchoring systems: a mechanical system that uses extruded aluminum batten for attaching the security film to the window frame, a structural adhesive system. Often fragment retention film / security film is applied directly to the surface of a window to... Read More
  • Security Folding Gates By Acorn Wire and Iron Works

    Use in entryways, these gates offer another layer of break-in defense to locked school doors. All of ACORN’s fixed security folding gates can be locked into place in both the stacked and extended positions for greater security control. Read More
  • Security Guard Services Quote By Off Duty Officers, Inc.

    TOP SECURITY GUARD COMPANY IN THE US Competitively servicing all major metro cities within the United States, Off Duty Officers can accommodate any security service request expeditiously and at affordable rates. As one of the Nations top security companies since 1993, we work with our partners... Read More
  • Security Sales & Marketing Package By SilverTrac

    Kick-start your security company sales process with all the materials you need to stand out, win bids, and secure contracts. Learn more on our website. Read More
  • Security Wood Doors & Steel Frames By Ambico

    The designers of behavioral health facilities have long searched for wood door solutions for high-risk areas such as patient rooms, washrooms and cross-corridor openings. The traditional stave and structural lumber core wood door solutions have not proven robust enough for these types of... Read More

    Cloud software solutions for larger businesses SendPro® Enterprise empowers shipping & mailing across all locations, departments and your agile remote workforce, while giving leaders the visibility and control to maintain compliance and manage costs. - Enable employees to send packages,... Read More
  • SMART-21 By IDP Americas

    Ideal for Small Organizations! The SMART-21S is compact, easy to use and uniquely designed for small organizations. The SMART-21 is great for entry-level demands with lower budgets. Its simple hand-fed card feeder, lightweight design and versatility make it ideal for printing Staff IDs,... Read More

    LPCB Approved Intelligent smoke detector Addressable fire alarm system works with TC series addressable fire alarm system LPCB TC-5109 alarm panel fire fighting Infrared scattering principle Non-polarized two-wire Drift compensation and fault detecting function Reporting dirt fault Hotel,... Read More
  • Smoke Detector 4-wire with relay output DC powered By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    4-Wire Smoke Detector with Relay output DC powered YT-142 The detectors are photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most security alarm control panel. Two LEDs on each detector... Read More
  • Sneeze Guards By Nightlock

    If you’ve been searching for sneeze guards for sale, look no further than Nightlock. At Nightlock, we understand the importance of keeping yourself protected. It is precisely for this reason we’ve designed easy to install protective germ shields. These are the perfect solution for schools,... Read More
  • Solar power motion light courtyard lighting By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    LED solar power courtyard, garage, garden, balcony lighting. The lighting and the solar power panel is separated. So, the lighting can be placed at dark place and solar panel at bright place. It has two modes: 1. Dim light with no motion and super light with motion detected. 2. Sensor mode. Only... Read More
  • Speakers & Horns By AtlasIED

    All-weather solutions for public address and sound reinforcement. From small format to stadium performance solutions. A wide variety of horn styles designed for optimal performance in all types of installation scenarios including stadiums, outdoor paging, and industrial facility applications. Read More
  • Special Event Security By American Guard Services

    American Guard Services, Inc. provides assistance on advance planning, threat assessment and issue prevention; event crowd control; and when necessary, crisis response. Management is skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client, while our personnel... Read More
  • StaffAlerter By PM Power Products, LLC

    Anyone who is responsible for keeping groups of employees, customers, students or parents informed, needs the communication power of StaffAlerter. Developed originally for the K-12 market, StaffAlerter by virtue of it’s advanced distributed architecture design leverages the latest in IoT... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Doors & Frames By Ambico

    AMBICO stainless steel doors and frames combine corrosion protection with outstanding design and beauty. A complete range of fire-rated and non-fire rated products are readily available, making use of a wide variety of stainless steels. Stock stainless steel doors and frames are ready for... Read More
  • Stand-Alone Heat Detector Home security fire alarm By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    For a wide range of residential and commercial security like: home, shopping mall, hotel, warehouse, office, school, electric room etc. This heat detector is battery-operated, featured with high sensitivity, high stability, low power consumption, unique design, novel style, and very user... Read More
  • Stay Connected By Stay Smart Care by TekTone

    Stay Connected is a remote health monitoring solution designed to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. Pre-synchronized devices are used to check for any change of condition in body temperature, blood pressure and blood Oxygen levels. Readings are automatically uploaded to a dashboard via Bluetooth... Read More